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“zebra”Great video. You have some awesome places to shoot air guns.

I don’t think I’d be able to use the holderover reticle as well on a SFP scope. I’d have to leave it on the same power setting all the time as I’m so bad at working out the differences when I zoom in on my SFP scopes. You have some skills!

What power setting do you usually use for some of those longer range shots when you hunt off-camera?

I’m running a 6-24, a 4-20 and a 4-14 (plus a few 3-9’s) but I rarely ever go above 14x for any hunting shots (I can never hold my gun steady enough without a stable bench rest). 

I also wanted to ask what happened at the point in the video where you shot a bird and the text said “what’s up buddy” over the bird next to it? I have noticed that some birds, more than any other game I take, will go nuts when you shoot one of their group. Did it start making noise when it saw?

Squirrels and chipmunks seem like proper sociopaths. They couldn’t care less if you shoot their family but some birds have surprised me with their reaction. 

Thanks for the watching.  At 20X I can get out too 154yds. Past that I turn down to 10X, that gets me out to 225yds. One of these days I will zero out farther so I can stick to 20X. 10X is fine but video gets to pixelly when i zoom in imovie for posting. Stelok is a must also. Those prairie dog shots were my personal bests. Those were the first time I’ve stretched it that far. That afternoon I only missed two pdogs. The FX Royale 500 is just amazing!

The prairie dog shots I was using a tripod rest then sitting on a hunting chair resting the gun on my leg. My bird shots are off my patio on a cadwell bag on a bench. 

There was a pair of starlings on the wire, I smacked the one, the other flew off then came back while the one was hanging. He was vocal and freaking out wondering why his buddy was hanging then he gave me a chance to dust him also.