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“jking”Kinda like a guy I work with. He was showing me his 10X50 Nikon binoculars, the Walmart series that spent most of there life up on the dash or stuck under the front seat of his camo-skinned Chevy, without the case. I looked through them and I honestly had to close one eye to see out of the other side somewhat. I kid you not. I asked him how he was able to see through them and he didn’t know what I was talking about. But……he can spot more deer than the average hunter, just a knack I guess.

Not everyone can appreciate quality optics across the board. You try and show most people how great your expensive scope, tv, projector, camera or binoculars are expecting them to say “wow!” like you did when you first saw how clear they were but instead they give you that tepid “I can’t see the difference” response. Then you explain why it’s better and cost 10 times more and they go “oh yeah” and give you that “you’ve got too much time on your hands” look. 

Those people probably should stick stick with the cheaper stuff. My old $80 Leapers scope seemed clear to me until I got a scope that was actually clear. Now that old Leapers feels like I’m looking through a jam jar. It’s kinda amazing (and sometimes annoying) how our eyes adjust to things. It’s why trying to compare two scopes side-by-side is so difficult. 

The honest answer for someone like your your friend is that if the cheap binoculars allow him to do exactly what he wants to do, he probably doesn’t have much to gain from more expensive ones – especially if he can’t tell the difference or doesn’t care.

I’m actually a little jealous of people like that sometimes. They get to save their cash and just enjoy what they have without spending all the time I do obsessing over how I can make everything just a little bit better.