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jtnm- your my new hero-great shooting,must be nice to have a tree @ 135 that reloads itself after you empty it .I have a r500,and no camera ,so the part where the sparrows,look like they were hit with a bat to me through my scope, is great in slow motion, 810 with 34gr mk2s and 910fps with 25gr is exactly where I top out also.Keep the vids coming Smaug -you are so right about crows.I popped 1 of 4 harassing a hawk in a tree a year ago. they kaw 3 times and leave atleast 300yrds when I,m unlocking the gate and kaw 3 time and come right back when I leave,happens once twice a week for a year ,The hawk comes and hangs [email protected] 50yrds in that same tree a lot .when I’m shooting
. how cool is that