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“zebra”It’s a great sign when people who receive a faulty product are converted to loyal customers for life. Sightron seem to do the exact opposite. The experience is so traumatic for people that they never want to see another Sightron. 



Zebra, I don’t know what you’ve been reading or who you’ve been talking to, but your unfounded perception of Sightron couldn’t be further off base.  Sightron provides a lifetime warranty on all of their scopes, the SIII line is considered by many to be the best in its class and they offer the best military and LEO program in the industry. 

Have you you ever looked through an SIII or compared its turrets to the Athlon Argos? I have, there’s no comparison. The Argos turrets are mushy and imprecise , the Sightron’s exact and crisp. I returned the Argos. 

Additionally, if it matters, the Argos is a Chinese manufactured scope and the SIII Japanese. 

Many, many people have had nothing but terrific experience with Sightron scopes and customer support. If you’ve personally experienced something different, would you please share specifics. 



I have looked through a few Sightron scopes. I was close to buying one. I have nothing bad to say about the scope quality. In fact I thought the ones I saw were all good in their respective price ranges. Plus they offered a lot of features I wanted for a good price (hence my interest). I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one if one of their models met my needs at the time. I just wouldn’t choose one for their customer service specifically.

I tend to (over) research a lot when buying something like a scope and there is forum chatter and user reviews that talked about having a particularly poor experience trying to get issues resolved when they received a faulty product. Sightron are not alone on this. They are just one example. I could have used Weaver as another example and I recently bought one of their products anyway (although I read that they recently switched to more of a “no nonsense approach”).

To be fair, their CS feedback is certainly not all bad. It’s not that they won’t fix a problem, it’s the lack of urgency around it compared to brands like Athlon or PA. For example (and this is not the only thing I found when doing my buying research), check out the reviews of the Stac on Midway:

There is only one (of 4) where the person had to use their CS. The 3 who received a good one were happy campers. The one who got a bad one will probably  never buy Sightron again. The Stac is the model closest in price to the Argos. Athlon would have sent the guy a replacement scope and taken care of the issue quickly. It’s the wait that makes people angry on a new scope. That or having a company claim damage is the customer’s fault when they have hardly used it.

Think about how you feel when you buy a new scope that you are excited about and imagine that sinking feeling when you mount it and find a problem. First reaction is anger. How could they let this out the factory like this etc. Now you’ve mounted it you can’t just return it.

You don’t just want it repaired in their sweet time. You want a new and working scope immediately. That is why I find it impressive that brands like Athlon and PA can convert those scenarios into happy customers who see it as a positive. Their experience is so good that they seem to forget that they only experienced the CS in the first place because they were sent a broken scope….