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“Sam63”Thanks Long Shot. Georgia Airguns posted a reply after reading Zebras nonsense about the valve stem being ” particularly delicate”. Very few stems break. The delrin seat goes first from Charlies experience. Charlie has been selling and repairing Crickets for years. I will take his word on the subject before Zebras.

Zebra this is not the first time you have posted statements/opinions that were false. If you are trying to help people in the AG community do research before posting. The AG community is small and many of us come to forums like this for help or advise with AG problems and questions. Posting opinions as they were fact hurts people in the community, especially when the opinion turns out to be false. 

Here is a little more info on the Cricket valve stem from the man who knows more about Crickets than any of us put together:

just to show that I’m not the only one. And here’s another data point:

You (or Georgia airguns) could have checked this yourself with a simple google search before hurling insults. I know this because I researched the issue when mine broke. I highly recommend it before speaking. 

I’ll take my apology whenever you are ready. 

But the gun was tuned to 70 FPE.  Puts more stress on everything.