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“jlc”When finished shooting I also must cock the weapon to remove the mag but then I hold the bolt and ride it forward as I squezze the trigger decocking and letting the pressure off. 

I dont  know the inner workings of the gun but it makes more sense to me to not have it cocked when finished shooting for the day. 

Some auto hand guns I have, have a half cocked position with thumb luck that you can use but that is a different animal.  

Just so you know, they can be safely decocked. After you cock it and remove the magazine, pull pack the bolt all the way against the spring, squeeze the trigger, then ride the bolt forward. My back door gun, I usually take my shot at the varmint and only cock/load again when I see another one that needs his lead. On a lot of springers (for example, most break-barrels) you can do this too, but it takes a lot more muscle to ride it closed safely.