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Standard deviation is a statistical term.  It is derived mathematically (yeah, like I really understand this stuff).  My last statistics class was in 1982, so a very long time ago.
take a look at this Wiki page for an explanation:

​For air gunning (and folks please correct me if I’m wrong), when you do, for example, a  shot string of 10 or 20 shots, and if the standard deviation is small, that means the gun is sending the pellets down the barrel with consistent energy between shots.  the smaller the Standard Deviation, the more consistent the gun is delivering air and energy to the pellet.  Consistency between shots translates to more consistent accuracy.

​If the standard deviation is large, then the gun is inconsistent, and probably won’t be as accurate as a gun with a small standard deviation.  One shot will be perfect, but because the gun delivers a different amount of air / energy to the next pellet, it’ll land somewhere completely different.

​Let me know if that made sense, if it did, I’ll be as surprised as the next person.