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“zebra”I think that 60fpe is too much for a 25 cal in most cases. There aren’t many animals that would walk away from a 50 fpe shot but die from 60fpe….

The Cricket is powerful enough as it comes to shoot most 25 cal pellets as fast as they need to be. It’s a rookie mistake to go for the most mount of power possible. 

Aside from the potential to reduce accuracy by making it shoot too hot, increasing the power will increase noise and reduce the number of shots per fill. 

With my tune I am getting over 60 consistent shots per fill and while I mostly hunt small game, the few times I have taken large raccoons and foxes, it easily dropped them with one shot without increasing the power. 

I have to disagree, my Cricket is laser accurate, it’s barely over an inch at 100 yards shooting a full mag. If I run across a pig while squirrel hunting, I want to be able to brain him at any distance. Ernest has shot 25.4’s at 1025 fps with good accuracy so I don’t see any validity to your statement about accuracy. And as far as noise goes, it’s still back yard friendly, it’s actually quieter than my 29 ft lb Air Ranger. I can still get 4 mags on a fill, so shot count is a non factor.