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My Diana 34 has been a little rough cocking lately. I checked velocity and it was around 690-700fps. This is a little lower than normal. I have had a recurring problem with this gun with galling in the upper rear part of the compression tube due to friction from the piston when cocking. This is what causes the roughness when cocking. The remedy has been to tear the gun down, sand, polish and lube the affected areas with moly which I did just today. I lube the rear part of the compression tube, the piston and the side of the piston seal. The cocking is now smooth as butter again and I am getting combustion again which has increased the velocity back to 730fps. There is no detonation. It is not loud and there is no smoke pouring out of the barrel. I do get the faint smell of combustion that I was getting before the lube became insufficient. There was no damage or carbon buildup on the piston seal. ¬†With 7000 pellets through this gun, I have done this procedure four times now. Is there supposed to be combustion? I believe so. According to Umarex, it is normal as long as you don’t over lube and cause detonation which can be damaging.