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I agree that IF the hydro is current and there’s no problem getting it filled, $100 and $10 for 3 years of use isn’t bad at all. What bothered me when I first almost bought one from him there was no info about the tanks being from the UK and I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t asked for pics all the way around the tank. Maybe it was just ignorance re. problems getting those filled here, dunno. I almost spent $225 for one dated 2010 that I wouldn’t have been able to get filled at my dive shop, wouldn’t have been a happy camper! This was on another air gun forum, not ebay.┬áPlease let us know how it all turns out & if the hydro was really current so you didn’t have to spend another $29-$40 for that. If it ends up like you’re expecting & he still has a comparable US tank I’d be a buyer at that price. I’m pullin’ for ya!