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Off hand my top recommendation for a starting FT pcp rifle would be,
a marauder or a BSA barreled rifle(I’ve owned dozens of rifle but my most accurate to date is a custom BSA Scorpion SE).
other option would be the disco and maximus(biggest downside is ht count and the trigger), the AA s200 is a good rifle.
And there are of course other but the mrod really has a lot to offer.
It has a good shot count is quite, the stock works well and has an adjustable cheekpiece, trigger is phenomenal when tuned and
even out of the box is quite good. And there is an abundance of info on tuning them and aftermarket parts for them.

If you are still looking for a PCP, I have a .177 marauder tune by ajshoots that he fully tuned, regulated and added a SSG to
as well as his own trigger job, it get 75 regulated shot at 19fpe from a 3000psi fill and it is very efficient and quiet. PM me if you would be interested.