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“md_kc”After making a good effort at wearing out the Internet based on all the good suggestions on this site, I think I am close to a decision [who knows, maybe that lottery ticket that I bought will be a big winner and I’ll just buy one of everything that appeals to me, LOL]. 

It looks like the Marauder pistol is going to be my choice. I know it is not the “traditional” look that I like but it turns out that I can live with it. With the addition of an AR type stock, I actually like the look. Also, as many have pointed out, the Prod is great right out of the box and has lots of aftermarket support if something turns out to need improvement. From what I can tell it is pump-friendly too. If the pump turns out to be too big a hassle, at least I’ll have a good backup when I step up to a tank.

The Brocock was a close second but the cons are too much [lack of a gauge, being quite noisy without a moderator, and the Concept s6 appears to be discontinued] to win out. There were other appealing choices too and made the decision making process hard.

So, thanks again, I know these kind of posts turn up all the time and I appreciate your patience & thoughtful suggestions.


md_kc looks like you did you research and are making a good decision base on your requirements. I can appreciate you easing into the pcp world and getting your feet wet so to speak. As time goes on and depending on what direction you can take in you airgun shooting you take the next step. Let us know how things work out for you Bill