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You guys have got me thinking about this in an “I’m about to make an impulse purchase” kind of way.

I guess the type of set-up you need will depend on where you live (to some extent). The place where I want to night hunt has heavy tree coverage so being able to find anything to shoot is more of an issue to me than being able to shoot at long distance. 

I want to be able to find those rabbits when they run off into the bushes. The problem is that pretty much all quality thermal imaging scopes are too expensive to be worth it for me. 

Apparetnly the thermal imaging cameras that connect to smart phones come in two models – the regular for around $170 and the pro models for double that price. I believe the difference is the distance you can see. The one I read about said you could see animals 200 feet away (with the pro) and 100 feet with the cheap one. 

200 feet is probably fine for a backyard or for walking through the woods but not if you live somewhere where hunting is about long range in wide open spaces. 

The question for me is I try to make a thermal imaging scope from my phone or just use it to find prey and then use a night vision scope as well.

There is also that Leupold thermal monocular that is going for $650 on eBay. Leupold claims it can see 600 yards. If only it was an actual scope too…