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One thing to look at, depending on what you intend to use the gun for, is the fill pressure.

​If you intend to purchase an air tank, gun fill pressure doesn’t really matter.  Most guns fill to 3000 PSI or a bit more.  The Air Venturi or other brand carbon fiber 90 cubic inch tank with fill works great and a new tank runs about $300.  I do not recommend a pump in this  case. In my Marauder, it’s about three pump strokes per shot.  Those last few strokes getting to 2900 PSI are real bears.  You really have to throw your weight into it.

​If you purchase something like the Benjamin Maximus, it only fills to 2000 PSI.  the pumps work very well for that type of gun.  I’ve not shot it, but the reviews are very good.

Using the AGNATION code (from the banner above) you can buy the Maximus and pump for as others have said for under $350.  Free shipping on Fridays saves another $20. 

​However, The Maximus is adequate for dispatching any pest and reviewers say it’s a good 15 to 50 yard gun.  Not really a 100 yard gun from what I can see.
​After 25% off, the gun, pump, target combo is $350 – 25% = $262. 

​If you think you will like a nicer gun later, the pump is only temporary and probably a waste.  might as well take the $150 for the pump and apply it to a $300 tank and fill assembly.  I went through that routine, so now have both the pump that just sits around and the tank that I use regularly.

​That first PCP is a hard decision due to the infrastructure (tanks) to make it more fun.  Also, check to see where you can fill a tank locally.  That might be another limiting factor.  Tank doesn’t do you any good if you have to drive 100 miles.  In that case, Maximus with a pump is a good choice.

​Good luck whatever you decide.

​PCP’s are addictive.  Just ordered a Crosman 1701P pistol.  It’s a PCP, and since I have all the gear, and used the 25% off from AGNATION, saved over $100 and used free shipping Friday, so saved another $16.

I think I’d spend my money on the scope if I could.  You will probably want to move up in the world later, and a good scope can move from gun to gun.  Just my opinion.