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A few years ago I bought a 4-12×40 Hawke Airmax and found that it was a pretty good scope except that it would shift the point of impact laterally simply by focusing the scope. I returned the scope to Hawke (excellent customer support by the way) along with a few extra coins to upgrade to a 4-12×40 Hawke Panorama and found that it had an excellent etched glass reticle, didn’t shift the poi when focusing, however it would focus sharply no closer than 12 yards at 12x even though the AO had a 10 yard etching on it. I sold that scope to a shooter that didn’t need a sharp 10 yard focus and crossed Hawke off my list of scopes for my R9 till recently.

I bought a new 4-12×50 Hawke Airmax with etched glass AMX reticle and so far the scope has been excellent for my shooting. The only slight issue is that the reticle has very fine lines that tend to “get lost” if aiming at a dark target in the shade. I recently used this scope at a THAGC match and had no issues until the black target set inside a dark oil drum where the unlighted reticle got almost completely lost.

My new Airmax………..

This particular AirMax has a 1″ tube but the 50mm objective required haig mounts to clear the R9 receiver. I found a perfect solution by using a nice Weaver to dovetail adapter clamper to the R9 and the scope set in 1″ Weaver high mount like this……..

LOL….compare the 1″ tube 4-12×50 Hawke Airmax shown above is shorter and lighter than the 30mm tube 3-12×44 Optisan Viper mounted on my HW95 yet I can tell no degrade in optics or brightness…………