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“Scalf”Does shooting in the rain affect accuracy or velociry. Lite rain doesn’t seem to affect accuracy of a PB but what does it do to a pellet? Anybody ever do a test.

I wondered the same thing till I shot a field target match years ago using my .177 R9. There was little wind but the rain was heavy and steady at the time. Matter of fact, the ft course was changed to put the “shooting boxes” of some of the lanes under the covered sight-in range and the other “shooting boxes” were covered with canopies for the rest of the course. LOL….the rain was heavy enough that it was running down the cover of the canopies and at one particular lane the canopy was positioned so the “runoff” went down my back when sitting on the bucket since I was shooting hunter class.

Well… directly answer your question………I could detect no degrade in accuracy compared to a “dry match” out to 55 yards based on my hits & misses. Matter of fact, I found that a light variable wind affected my accuracy more than that “rain match” due to the need for accurate wind doping.