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“Tn_airgunner”I’m not very familiar with springers but I’m curious. What is a good springer that’ll deliver accuracy and is affordable. Just thinking about getting one for having around the house that I can plink with and don’t have to full it with my pcp. But I also want to be able to hunt with it too.

I don’t know about “most accurate for the money” but I believe that the HW95 and R9 are the best springer for the money.

Here are a few 50 yard groups shot hunter class field target style (sitting on a bucket resting the gun on cross sticks like this) using with my .177 R9………

15 out of 20 CPLs through a 3/4″ killzone at 50 yards………..

Some miscellaneous R9 5 shot groups done HFT style……….

Next 5 shots on paper after shooting the above group………

Testing a few different pellets at 50 yards, notice the CPL group in the upper left. The boxes are 1″ square with 3/8″ diameter heavy bulls……..

Here is a target with 165 consecutive shots at distances from 10 yards to 50 yards with my .177 R9 while confirming the trajectory of a specific tune. Again, shot from “bucket and sticks”. The heavy dashed lines are spaced 1″ apart, the heavy bulls are 1/2″ diameter and the light dashed lines are 1/8″ & 1/4″ apart……..

I’ve bought and tried some cheaper guns (all .177 cal) like a Crosman Quest, Gamo440 and a Remington Express and none would shoot tighter groups for me than 1″ center to center at 30 yards! After the Remmy a couple years ago I gave up on expecting good consistent accuracy from cheap springers!