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You could probably fit a regular quad-rail handguard on a Leshiy as the air cylinder is at the back. 

I don’t know exactly what the dimensions of the shroud are but it doesn’t look so big in photos that you wouldn’t be able to find a quadrail with a large enough internal diameter to fit.

You just want to extend the length enough so your fingers wouldn’t reach by accident in a normal holding position. 

If not a quad rail then maybe a shroud extension or LDC 

It’s a good fact to remember that air gun accidents can happen to anyone, even if you are fairly careful. I am lucky that my accidents have only cost me in money so far and nothing worse. 

I had a faulty airgun fire a pellet unexpectedly when I pulled the side lever back a while ago. I was lucky the pellet only ended up in the wall instead of my foot…