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The thing I didn’t realize about rubber mulch is that the big pieces get blasted into smaller pieces, which causes the settling.

Cleaning them out is a hassle too. (I haven’t tried the water in the wheelbarrow trick yet)

I have a Champion rimfire trap that I use now when it doesn’t need to be quiet. The mulch trap is just a back-up now.

The junk mail trap was just as good, but requires a bit more maintenance than the mulch trap: change the junk mail and vacuum up the the shredded paper every couple hundred shots. Build the trap by getting a box and stacking it full of vertically-oriented ad papers. I still get a Korean newspaper to my house every day (I’m not Korean), a Sunday paper I didn’t order, and about 5 coupon papers every week, so no shortage of junk mail. Still gotta collect the pellets every now and then, though.