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“Zoey”I’ll tell you, going to the range is becoming more like packing a bag for an overnight trip. E.G. gun case, air tank, fill whip, EDC bag, benchrest…..I’m going to need one of those bellhop trolley’s you see in hotels just to bring in all of my junk.

LOL, why do you think I LOVE that EdGun mini chrono so much. I got one of these… If you have a CostCo near by check there as they are cheaper there than Amazon.

I lug around… with the wagon I can make it in one trip

  • Large plastic box with lots and lots of little things, plus my front rest, rear bag
  • Mapex drummer’s thrown
  • 100cuft tank
  • RAW BM500x
  • Thomas
  • Stands for my read bag and front rest to elevate them