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I was planning on building a platform out of MDF to put on top of their existing black plastic lane table. However, I just found out that the tables are removable on both end lanes. With all of the wobble created by other shooters, I think I need to change tactics and build something that is a stand-alone.

With triangular flags sticking out of right-side wall with foot markings on’em.

The range I shoot at doesn’t have distance markers, so I bring my laser range finder.

Percula: I think I have noticed the same thing. The concussion definitely shakes everything on my bench. I had the weighed pellets in separate bags on my bench, and every time someone fired, the bags moved.

One evening I was at the range late, and the only one there. They had the air-recirculate system off, and I was in lane 5. They turned it back on, and all of a sudden my POI changed. I think there is a vent located somewhere above lane 5. 

I haven’t ordered a rear bag yet because I didn’t know what size to get. Once my rest arrives, I’ll put the gun on it and try to figure out how tall the bag should be.

I’ll tell you, going to the range is becoming more like packing a bag for an overnight trip. E.G. gun case, air tank, fill whip, EDC bag, benchrest…..I’m going to need one of those bellhop trolley’s you see in hotels just to bring in all of my junk.