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You can dispatch pests with nearly any 22 PCP gun.

is the $800 for just the gun or does it need to cover the tank, optics and bipod etc? it makes a big difference in what you can get.

I don’t think I am over-generalizing by saying that most people (who can afford a repeater) start with a Marauder or AT44 QE. Both are solid first timer PCP guns. They are quiet enough to use in the backyard and accurate enough to get you nicely addicted to the hobby.

I started with an AT44 QE 22. If I was doing it all again, I would have skipped this stage and gone straight to a Cricket or Mutant. The old buy once / cry once philosophy but that’s easy for me to say now. I had no idea what I really wanted at the time. 

If you are going to start with one of the no frills guns, I would express a slight preference for the Marauder 22 due to the awesome number of aftermarket upgrades available. It’s the only gun I know of where an amateur could turn it into one with high-end performance over time with easily available drop-in parts like the MarMot Milotia barrel upgrade and the JDS tank adapters etc. 

If the $800 is for just the gun, take a look at the JKhan guns. The Krosa bullpups start at around $800. If I had around $800 to spend on air gun, that is what I would get. I would suggest paying for the regulator upgrade option though.