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Looking at your requirements for a less costly traditional, light weight rifle in .22 cal. and the ability to shoot some small game the Brocock Concept S6 Standard fits your needs. The .22 caliber versions has more power than the Marauder pistol  and will give you more range and be more effective for the occasional small game hunting. The rifle also has the more traditional looks you want. Pair it with an UTG/ Leapers or Hawke scope for $100 to $150 and you have a good low cost set-up. So right now the rifle and scope combo is running about $495 to $545. Like some have mentioned you can use a pump to charge up these rifles but when doing a lot of target shooting nothing beats an CF 4500 psi tank to fill your rifle. I would consider getting the 71 cu. ft Tiger Shark tank from Air Tanks For Sale at a  price of $589 add the cost of your rifle and scope set-up and your at a total of $1084 to $1134 which is not much more than your budget of $1000. This rifle I see does not have an moderator and I am not sure if the muzzle is threaded but if it is a TKO or Neil Clague moderator is not much more than a $100. Now if you want a moderator included on the rifle the Brocock S6 with cut-out stock which is not as traditional looking and puts out only 16 fpe but is shorter and lighter yet at 34.5″ long and only weighs in at 4.8 lbs. Bill