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Taxidermy is an art..
As a wood turner myself I understand the difficulty of balancing the time and labor that went into a project and what can be charged for that work.
In today’s society of buy cheap and most importantly buy fast easy made mass produced.
We have forgotten the majistic beauty of products made by artisans
It can take me four days of good hard work and about $200 in material to make a beautiful set of tableware but who is going to pay $1000 for it when they can buy some made overseas with machines and a poor guy working for a few dollars a day for $200
DIY is a great money saver……… only because it doesn’t show the cost of that labor.
In most cases for artistic products or services if you where to break down the cost of a job or product you will find that it will be close to.
35% material, 40% time and labor 10% 3rd party 15% equipment.
This means that a DIY can save a person something along the lines of 40% provided they have the tools.
Consider this topic, you are looking at a process of about a week just for tanning…. true most of that time is “in vat” but it is still taking up space and requires attention.
Then for the process to be completed with the expected quality you are looking at a minimum of a day in actual labor conditioning the hide properly.
Mans got to eat and pay bills…. and when a person walks into a room looks up and sees this big ass cat draped across a tree limb prop and you see the hairs on his arms stand up and his eyes widen.. perhaps even a inhale of air
Then you know that man did his job right!

One BIG NOTE 3/4 of taxidermy quality is the material they have to work with…. This means that if you want a good quality trophy mount then take care of the product from the start.
You shoot a cat throw him in the back of the truck bed and let it sit in the sun all day monday while your at work
It ain’t going to happen like you want.