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Well here’s the second part of my video where I use the tools the guys who ACTUALLY KNOW how these go together helped me with. Unfortunately its as far as I got . Hate to admit it , but between not doing it before and seeing it come apart ….And Mainly my crummy eyesight I couldn’t get it together .. I would REALLY like to thank the guys who helped me Ken, OC , Steve , and Art with this project . Wadcutter here on AGN very Graciously offered to complete it for me , but I think ill just wait and pass it on , there’s a guy wanting it as is . Thanks Steve a TON for such a nice gesture !!!!! I did manage to put together a video that I hope will help someone else on down the line , and the stock came out nice … I Hate losing a fight, but it won’t be the first time as my eye patch can attest to :) . Anyway here’s the video .