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A different point of view concerning lizards:

Where I live in NC I’m pleased to see so many different lizard which I can’t officialy name except for the fence lizard. Some are green colored, some have bright blue tails, the fence lizards are gray and scaley, and all are entertaining to watch.

I was practising at my back yard practice lane and saw a lizard sucking up carpenter ants on my log back stop. Well, it seemed that every time I went out for a practise the lizard would make an appearance after the first few pellets hit the back stop. After a while this “ant eater” seemed to be almost tame so I took this these pics…….

Anywhoo….for the rest of the summer I had a little “shootin’ buddy” pay a visit and I remember one day when setting up at 30 yards that a wren joined the lizard for an “ant buffet” and it was entertaining to watch through the scope how quickly a wren could snap up the treats after the lizard retired to the recesses of the long pile!