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“AEAC”I blow through my mulch boxes from time to time and it always seems to take me by surprise. I have the settling thing from time to time too but never unless the box itself bulges in the middle after repeated hits. Mostly when it happens to me, it’s from shots in the same hole or that I haven’t picked a thick enough box.

Tip: Starbucks makes nice thick ones that won’t sag under the weight of the mulch and they’re always happy to give them up.

After reading this, I took a closer look at my box and noticed that it is bulging somewhat in the middle… that must have contributed to the excessive settling. Thanks for the tip on the Starbucks boxes. In my house, we have a constant supply of diaper boxes (3 kids in the last 4.5 years) which are also very sturdy. I think I’ll try one of those for my next trap.

I really like the boxes that Tom and Bill have put together and I’ll definitely put that on my list of projects to do, but for now, I think a good sturdy cardboard box will suffice… assuming I keep an eye on the mulch level. I also made a point to place my trap in front of an exterior wall that is backed by cement and dirt and I’m glad I did.