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It would seem that the filler may want a USA hydro-if they don’t have it.  I couldn’t find a requirement that an SCBA bottle have a DOT certification for consumer use. I thought the 15 year limit was for SERVICE date, not manufacture date.  Possibly more important is that a potential purchaser look at the valve to see what sort of fill apparatus they require.  I also spent an enjoyable evening learning about tank certifications and testing. I had a stikman fill device yesterday and now I either need to return it or try to sell it here.  These tanks are still a bargain and particularly so for those who have their own compressors or “gotta guy’.  I have a great white tank and it is the cadillac of tanks but I wasn’t about to get a second one as a “spare”. The bottom line on these tanks and tanks like them is that if you are contemplating PCP, don’t let the price of the support equipment like tanks get in the way.  By used and have several tanks-then your biggest worry will be how many pellets you have on hand.