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“Erik”CE could also just stand for “Chinese Export”

Means European compliance.

CE Marking When Importing From China: A Complete Guide


It’s self-declared, not third party verified. So it all comes down to the integrity of the manufacturer. Chinese companies are known not to care about long-term business. If something comes up that forces them to shut down, they close that business and re-open another one.

Having a CE marking is the minimum requirement to sell products in Europe. Some countries also require a 3rd party certification, which has a lot more weight to it.

I agree that it means nothing as far as product quality or reassurance goes Smaug.Kind of  like letting the crooks run the asylum  if the CE making is not independently certified. Some ISO certification or
similar may assure buyers.Just wanted to clear up what it(CE) stood for.
That said,independant user reviews count for something,and I still may risk the purchase,when the kids stop draining my wallet. Cheers Paul.