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“Wager”Didn’t realize you had a regulated gun. The reason the fps are always different is do to the slight difference on the fill each time. At least I think that’s what your talking about. Or are you saying your shot count is really random? I was talking more about the knee on a unregulated gun qith thw best max fill but its nice to just know what your gun is doing. Anytime i’m shooting paper and not hunting I at least through up a cheap chrony but I also do a lot of tuning and tickering.

I am new to PCP’s, but it is my understanding that after the gun falls off the regulator, accuracy changes. I have *randomly* picked 66 shots as the magic number before I refill the gun. If the gun was filled to 250 bar, at 66 shots I end up at about 130 bar.

I really appreciate the responses here. There are a lot more uses for a chronograph than I had initially thought.