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I will double check the coon after you clarified on the coon it does have a gray area that I didn’t realize. It’s not considered a game animal but is not listed in the non game profile
As you said it is listed in the fur profile.
When I spoke to the game officer he told me that non game animals can be hunted with an air rifle, it has only been recently that I started looking into tanning the skins.
Because I didn’t consider the fur bearing side as to different as to game non game shooting I may have stepped on a line.
One possible saving grace is I am performing as a land representive to stop certain animals damaging land and crops. I did not attempt to harvest the pelt from the coon because the area has been alerted of rabies issues. And I am not going to risk a cut finger on a coon

I too am sorry for harsh words thank you for your clarification I will make sure to ask a local game wardon about fur bearing animals and air guns as I have seen many trappers use air rifles to dispatch trapped animals.