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So I decided that I’m going to wait to get some reviews on a Kral Puncher Pro (it’s not a bullpup @spysir . It looks like a really nice gun and it gets 60 shots per fill on high power for .177. If however it gets really bad reviews, then I will probably look closer into the coyote, and then make my decision between that and the mrod in .177. Are there any major differences between the coyote, the coyote SE(silenced), and the urban? If they all perform the same then the urban would be the one for me as it’s $100 cheaper. 
   For the guys who mentioned springers: at this point I’m hooked on PCP’s. Eventually when I want something to shoot with more difficulty then I may pick up a tx200 or HW97. But as for now a PCP is what I’d like to shoot.
Thanks again to all who have contributed,