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“rancho”Has anyone gotten theirs filled yet?  Is there any requirement that these tanks have a DOT certification?  I know they show the European certification, but I didn’t see a DOT certification.

I sure hope I’m wrong and don’t wanna rain on anyone’s parade BUT I think folks buying these may very well have a hard time getting them filled since the are from Europe or in at least one case Singapore. Seems like a great deal but what caught my attention was that hydro sticker from Singapore. Long story short, a guy had one of these in the classifieds on another forum (for over twice the current price). I was strongly considering buying it. I asked for pics all the way around the tank and noticed the hydro sticker from Singapore. EXACT same pic in his list of tanks on ebay, the #s match. I question him about it not being from the U.S. and maybe not DOT approved. He ended up emailing me that he was taking it down because a lot of folks were not going to be able to get them filled and he didn’t want anyone upset with him. I am FAR from an expert concerning this but if you get your tank filled at a place that strictly adheres to the rules I think  you may very well have a problem. Hope I’m wrong but buyer beware!
Btw, how does a tank born in 2009 be good until 2029–20 (twenty ) years????