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You are correct the bobcat can be legally taken with an air gun. I miss spoke when
I included it in my earlier post my bad sorry about that.
   Will I have no interest in attacking you or any one else I want to warn  every
one about the quagmire that is selling and or crossing state lines with a bob cat.
    I have no computer skills so can not provide links or basically any thing but type ,kind of..
When you have time research CITES.  It will scare the hell out of you I know it does me.
    Game laws are extensive confusing and full of contradictions, at the state level.
The federal laws are much much  worse. We constantly are calling for a clarification
for this or that and often it takes days for them to come to some conclusion of what
this or that law really means. If a mount is not picked up after a period of time we can offer for sale
for the balance due.  The exception is migratory game birds we can not sale them
for any reason.  Any thing that caries a CITES 
if we get stuck with it we eat it, we don’t give away put on display or any thing 
and we sure as hell don’t offer for sale.  
You still harbor some misconceptions regarding the sale of bob cat skins out side of the state. If you
or anyone else plans to do that call the feds don’t bother looking up the law it
seldom clearly states what it means and will not include other laws that might apply.
  Cites is some deadly serious shit and the smallest infraction devastating. 
  You are correct when you say any non game animal may be taken with an air gun
The catch is fur bearers are not considered non game and so they are not legal. And
the coon is a fur bearer.
Again sorry cant provide a link call parks and wildlife. The law changed a few years
back to include exotics but I think it has a minimum caliber restriction? 

 Actually we wish more people would try to mount and tan because they would soon
realize what a bargain quality work really is.  Van Dykes was at one time a large supply
house but they no longer exist they were bought out by Mc Kenzie  they have bought
virtually all other suppliers are now a huge monopoly and squeezing the life blood out
of the taxidermy industry. 
Again sorry for my blunder 40 yrs into it and still have to be reminded the bobcat is not a
fur bearer.