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Sorry, something is going haywire with posting today? I can’t edit anything, and there’s a double photo?

(Referring to the post above) Speaking of challenging, I found a beat-to-snot Caldwell pistol stand and decided to adapt it for shooting the Vulcan. It literally looks like someone shot the front of it. The “V” is split in half, and the whole setup is pretty wobbly. But, just ever so less wobbly than me standing and using the bi-pod.

Here it is with the gun atop: 

I try to always keep a hand on the gun for fear of it falling off. As you can see in the photo, the threaded portion of the Caldwell is warped.

Now I just needed something to sit on. So, I pulled two benches together and put my gun case across them. Instant shooting chair.

Ghetto…yes. Effective…that’s up for debate. I did a little pellet testing today, and will post the results later tonight. I need some help analyzing the results.