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“Coldking”Didn’t see the last 4 bulls Percula – man that’s a bummer –
I always keep a small alarm clock set for 20 minutes – 
helps me avoid lapses in time –
but range officer should be calling out the time left – all the way down to one minute ?
sorry bout that –

The range does a “15 minutes of hot” and however long it takes for cold range, so its more or less 15 minutes on and 15-25 minutes off. Normally they announce “1 minute till break”, but last night, instead of a warning we got the horn and “CEASE FIRE that’s all folks”. Bummed I think that might have been my first 250 outside too.

We are supposed to get heavy rain this weekend which sucks! We have a club 50y and 75y match on Sunday morning. Maybe it’ll workout great, if the rain holds off it lends its self to calm winds (if that’s possible at our home range). I’m shooting really well with the RAW and the Thomas. I shot a 25m card at 100y with the RAW yesterday and most shoots where inside the 1″ ring. If I can sink 1/2 to 1 MOA I can knock the score out of the park. I’ll be very happy with 600 out of 640. Hopeful to break 700 on the 50y with the Thomas, pretty sure that will happen if the wind cooperates.