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The wrapped present is my son’s AIR17 fixed up in a new case I gave him for Christmas. Old pic. I should’ve took my measuring tape to the range to measure the height of the narrow plastic bench. * Just called Gun Hub to ask about bench height & why. He had to measure it himself. 42″! A lil high for rifle bench rest shooting. Which means my shoulder has to be up around 50 inches. Gotta find a folding/adjustable lightweight chair or stool that’ll put my shoulder at the right height. Darn range bag weighs a ton already, as does a two-gun case. Might have to try using my folding dolly with those hooked bungee chords to haul everything in myself. That is, when I can walk better again. And I wish the target rig motor switch had an LED meter connected to it. Hard to guess with number signs sticking out from right-side wall. After a few shots that finished clearing out detonation & the like, the rifle had a sort of ” toong” sound to it.