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I didn’t post false information. The information on the Cricket valve stems is based on my own experience and backed up by what Ernest and a bunch of other people said.

There is nothing for me to gain by making stuff up about Cricket parts. I’m a Cricket owner and it’s one of my favorite guns to use. It does have some internal components that could benefit from being stronger though.

My valve stem actually snapped in the first year of ownership. Ernest repaired it for me and did me a huge favor. Normally I would just ignore someone like you but I won’t sit back and let you tell people Ernest’s info is bad. Nobody else has done to make sure people have access to good info on fixing and tuning their air guns. He wouldn’t start a thread on the issue if he hadn’t had to to fix a bunch of them.

I don’t care who Charlie worked for, Ernest is the man most people would contact to get a Cricket tuned or repaired. He’s worked on more of them in America than anyone including Charlie. There is nobody whose advise and info I would trust more on Crickets or any other PCP guns. 

Anyway… I posted the info, people can decide for themselves who they want to trust. I learnt a long time ago that the irrefutable truth doesn’t always change people’s opinions like it should.