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Very important….The inner springs must have the closed coils facing outward toward the bottom of the pistons.
The open coil ends of the springs go inward on the center guide with the open end locking onto the swaged index in the middle of the guide….one end on each side of the index.
If the springs are put in with the open ends outward they will get pinched in the coils of the large outer spring when you cock it….this will give you a grinding-clicking sound when cocking and at discharge.
I have had to correct this on several rebuilt rifles.

Make sure you do not cock and fire the action with the rear cap off……this will snap teeth from the gears. The rear cap must be screwed on tight before discharging. You must have a small amount of “preload” on the rear piston, this is what takes some of the tension off the gears so they are in a neutral state at rest.