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If you are going to be expressing your opinion here and want to be treated with respect, you should get used to accepting other people’s opinions without being rude or throwing a tantrum when they differ from your own

Zebra you made the statement “the valve stem is particularly delicate” this is not an opinion. You posted false information, non factual as it were fact. Me correcting you after doing the research is not tantrum.  Charlie worked for Wild West and now owns Georgia AG. He has sold and worked on hundreds or possibly thousands of Crickets. Link to Charlie response below.

“You should watch Ted’s video on how he won Extreme BR. He used JSB 33’s and his advise was to scale back the power for greater accuracy.”

Ted scaled back the 34’s with excellent results. Crickets have rifled barrels and Impacts have smooth twist. The spin rates are very different. What works for one gun/barrel might not work for another gun/barrel. Even when made by the same company using the same parts. My PT Cricket is most accurate when 34’s around 900 – 910 fps, Once the FPS drop below 840 – 850 so does accuracy with or without wind.

I’ll take my apology whenever you are ready.”

Zebra I do not feel you are owned an apology. I do feel you should be more responsible before posting statements.