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I have NO Idea why you have opened a dispute with paypal. Altaros offered a refund, and you have the product.  Either you need to return the product, learn properly how to use  the unit, or are trying to scam a company. Don’t know which at this point. 

I do know that the Altaros is a very simple unit, with very little that can go wrong. The fact that you blew the burst disk on you bottle tells me that the unit was working just fine, otherwise there would not have been the overly high pressure to do so.

If you panicked and pulled the plug while the unit had pressure going to it, and to the bottle, you have damaged either a seal, or the sending unit. Either can cause a problem. And either is operator error. 

The Vid’s put on youtube as to how to properly use the unit are quite complete. Not following instructions should be on you. Not the manufacturer. No matter how much you bad mouth a very honest and straightforward company, with whom many are very happy with, myself included.

Many have a complete lack of mechanical understanding. This is a pitfall that any manufacturer must deal with in order to sell directly to the pubic.   The simple fact is, not all people will be pleased with any product, regardless of the quality. One only has to go to online reviews of ANY product to learn this if not already known. It truly is a confusing eye opener.

PCP’s are an inherently dangerous hobby for the unskilled, or non mechanically inclined. 

Rudeness, and blame throwing are in many ways, just as bad. For a Company, either are very dangerous.

I feel from your writings, that Altaros has bent over backwards to fix a situation that you yourself caused. 

One would think it would be wise, and proper to revisit your actions with the Unit, as well as the manner in which you have openly conducted business with a reputable company.

Slander leaves a  bad taste in most peoples mouths.