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My intent is strictly a target pistol, right down to having some 10 meter goals (like get the shots in the black, maybe bulls-eye later).  depending on pellets, I may tune it down to the 450 range for accuracy and air efficiency.  Whatever shoots the best.

Need to make a decision today, as tomorrow is Crosman’s free shipping Friday (if that’s still going on).  Using the 25% off coupon from the banner above and free shipping should get met the gun and the rear sights for a bit under $315. The carbine stock is another $22.50, and even though I plan on target shooting, I’ll buy the stock.  

That’s just about what I spent on my Browning .22 pistol a few years ago.  That’s loads of fun to shoot, but not allowed in the back yard.  The air gun is.

All positive reviews, now I just need to make a decision to pull the trigger and buy (pun intended)