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If you’re even halfway serious about air gunning then a Chrony is simply a must have. After researching awhile back, I went with the Caldwell premium kit. An outstanding price, reliable and most importantly the free cross platform user friendly software readily available. I just don’t want to have to bother with data entry on some spread sheet program and the Caldwell App does most of the hard work already. Be it on my phone, iPad or computer. I’s a joy to use.

That said, I was excited about the BC calculation potential and ease of use with newly released LabRadar and ordered one several months ago only to cancel. I had some unexpected expenses that delayed the purchase a month or two, but in the interim, I decided it’s not yet ready for prime time, at least not for this poor sod. What little software it has and that others have done is clunky and PC only. The LabRadar is even bluetooth ready, but no one is even utlizing that yet. All in all, it would still require hand doing the data entry and for a system that pricey, I want well written cross platform software available. I knew over time the novelty of the LabRadar would wear thin with the fallback Caldwell doing most of the hard work far easier. 

I just recently purchased Caldwell G2 kit only becuase I wanted wireless. Again, a joy to use and no need for a cord now. Easier setup with an even beefier housing, built-in rechargeable battery pack and sporting even more robust light panels.  Love it!!  

If LabRadar or a third party software developer gets their act together  I would still love to give them my money. The ability to get accurate readings at differing distances  with any lighting conditions with EACH SHOT would be amazing.