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What I have found out:   When I am shooting in the basement, almost everyday, I always have the chrony going.   Checking speed of each gun and pellet.  If the fps falls off it indicates something maybe a dirty barrel or a small leak etc. 

i have the precision digital, light kit, with Bluetooth  adapter and all the strings are recorded to my phone, you actually see each shot on the phone.  Gives you a chance to compare one day to next and allows me to see each shot.  In low light it gives a great read out, better than the face of the chrony. Helps you count number of shots also.  I had a bad mag, until I fixed it, knew the 8th shot was done, take the mag out, or your just shooting air.  

Helps you find the sweet spot, I have 3 unreg guns, 177,22,25 marauders.  If you make adjustments you can view the results don’t how you could do it w/o the chrony.   I think you would most likely use it.