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Hi Niels, I don’t know about the viper but I do have a photon. I have had I lot of fun with this scope!
I shoot mainly rabbits and use it on an impact. I use QD mounts and can easily swap between it and my
day scope and they seem to hold zero well. 
At the ranges you want to shoot you’ll have no problem. I use mine out past 50m. 
Since I’ve had mine I’ve discovered through uk night vision forum how to change the lens. 
They call it the photon extreme. Basically removing the original lens buying an adaptor
and using camera lens to vastly improve image quality and also range if need be. 
To do this is not to expensive as the lens are great quality but older and not in great demand. 
Anyway if your interested check out uk night vision forum. There is a ton of info there. 

The other cool cool add on is a small wifi camera transmitter I plug directly into the Photon. 
This transmits the image seen by the shooter to an iPhone. It’s great if you shoot with a mate 
as then the none shooter can see what’s going on and record it if need be. 
It’s intented use was as back up camera  but easily converted. If your interested I can give you detail
on how. Again not expensive. 
Proably a lot more nonsense then you needed to know!