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The idea of the bolt being placed on the where the trigger hand in placed comes from the Fortner biathlon rifle. The shooter must maintain his hold and quickly shoot while then moving to the next target. This is the most efficient way to shoot free hand. Placing the bolt on the left side would remove the hold hand and the shooter would then have to re-acquire the hold position for the target. This process would take extra time and decrease efficient shooting. After busting your butt in a pair of skies the last thing you want is to add time with poor slow shooting.

If you are benching a rifle placing the bolt on the non trigger hand side of the gun makes sense. Especially so for non-recoiling guns like PCPs .  The shooter uses the rest to hold the gun and then maintains trigger hand placement. This is a quick way to gain a second shot on game.   Understanding how these two different set ups work to the shooter’s advantage is the only way to know what is right for your type of shooting.