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Found this on Ebay.

Looks like $250 including shipping.  You would still need a setup to hook to the gun.  You need a scba to 1/8 male foster, a hose (micro bore saves air), and a female foster on the gun end of the hose or whip as some call it.  You would have to be careful to not over fill a Disco with this setup.  These tanks are 2008 new in the box and need a hydro test to be filled.

This guy sells some pretty nice pcp stuff, where I got my tank.  To get an idea of what is needed to get air from a scba tank to your air gun go about 2/3rds down his site page and he sells a setup for around $165 including shipping.  His setup has a built in flow restrictor to reduce the chances of over filling (claimed).  I have never used a tank with the scba valve so you will have to ask someone else.  Oh, and this guy can be a bit pushy on the sale, fyi.  Be sure to check and see if there is 4500 hpa available in your area.  You might be able to get the Fire Dept to fill it for you.