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It is with a heavy heart and many weeks of consideration that I have decided to sell my Impact. You’ll see it in the classifieds section soon. 
I could go on and on with a long boring description as to why I’m selling it but, it all boils down to ME as a shooter. I have always struggled with the Bullpup design. I don’t feel that I am able shoot this rifle to its true potential. (Have you ever noticed that I hardly ever post pictures of groups? That’s why.) That being said, I have managed to shoot my best group EVER out of it… ~1-3/8″ at 125 yards. The rifle is doing its job, I’m not. Also, I am moving on to another chapter with my shooting and with my life. I am certainly not stepping away from airguns. 

This rifle has been awesome since day 1! I have not experienced any issues with it that I didn’t cause myself. Since its original release, FX has updated some external and internal parts. I decided to send it in to get everything up to current specs including getting the top rail changed out to a true picatinny. It came back to me and ended up having a minor trigger issue so, I sent it back in and got that sorted out quick. I brought it with me to EBR this year and Frederick himself looked over the whole rifle and put his exceptionally talented hands to work on it. So, there’s no way (in my opinion), that this rifle isn’t all it can be. What a tremendous machine! I have learned so much in the time I’ve owned this. 

My only hope is that it goes to someone that will treat it right, enjoy it, and be able to shoot it at its maximum potential. 

I’m still sorting through everything that I will be including with it. At this time all I can say is this… with all that is included, it will not be cheap. That’s why I’m putting this post out here. A package like this one does not come along very often. 

Please do not post any offers or potential trades in this thread. This is not a “for sale” ad. 

Happy Shooting!