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I looked at these and they are a similar design as the Varminter, but more rounded nose and not HP’s. I didn’t see the length on the website.
When you mentioned that it is more like a revolver that made me think about how the rounds enters the barrel. If it is a loose fit then the accuracy may never be there, and the only way you to get it is to have a slight interference between the bullet and barrel, so the barrel will straighten it out during flight. Maybe .0005 larger than the barrel so the round makes full contact.
The other thing is with the max length of 11mm, there will be a finite weight that can be achieved with the 5,62 dia. and 11mm length. At these velocities we will need a heavy round to bring the fps under 1125, so we are below the sound crack, and have max ft-lbs of energy.
This is what I need for Hunting, and looking forward to the semi auto design of the huben, hopefully we can figure this ammo issue out without too much out of pocket.
I should be receiving  the cast bullets soon, so I will let you know the length, and Dia. unfortunately I can’t test them, no Huben!!!