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“Coldking”And for those who haven’t shot a relay in this manner – each shooter – shoots one card- then the next shooter sets up and shoots his or her Card –
and this continues through ( in our case) 3 relays  – 
giving every shooter similar wind conditions rather than a first relayer sitting and shooting his complete set- then the next shooter sitting –
the way we shot the event seems to be the most fair way to conduct it………..
i do belive all those who participated can go back to their respective clubs and pass on these techniques to facilitate the fairest matches possible
take Care 

I understand they do one additional step at Worlds to even the playing field:  After each card, you move to a new bench for your next card – several over from your last.  So your 3 cards are shot at 3 different benches.  This theoretically mitigates advantages and disadvantages of certain bench positions.  Of course moving benches would be a hassle and add a lot of time to the match.

Many regulars at Open Grove believe that the best benches are sometimes the extreme left ones, other times the extreme right, depending on the direction of prevailing wind.